Saturday, August 15, 2015

Charlotte Ultra Running Commpany: Running Form Class

Training Series: Running Form Class
Sat, August 22, 20158:00 AM - 9:00 AM

 We are pleased to welcome Amy Peacock back to the Ultra Running Company for a series of Good Form Running Classes. We strongly believe there IS a correct way to run - a proper technique that allows each of us to run more efficiently, for more distance, and for the rest of our lives. Amy is a certified ChiRunning instructor, which means she has spent a significant amount of time decoding the nuance of this technique and is excited to share it with friends of the Ultra Running Company. ChiRunning is simply good form and designed for runners, walkers and triathletes of ALL levels.  There are many options on how to learn!
These classes are a rich learning experience packed with good information to help you run injury-free for the rest of your life. Amy will provide an overview of ChiRunning and guide you through a set of exercises and drills designed to leave you with a clear sense of what the ChiRunning technique feels like in your body. We will not be doing lots of running (contrary to what you might imagine), so no matter what condition you are in, have no fear! We will spend time alternating between demonstrations, fun exercises and technique drills ... the nature of the class will be relaxed, full and inspiring, and will provide an overview on many of the following topics:
  • The Keys to Effortless, Injury-free Running
  • The Physics of Running: Run without Using Your Legs
  • ChiRunning versus Power Running
  • Introduction to the Chi Running Form
  • Injury prevention techniques
  • Personal Check-in Tricks and Tools
  • Core Muscle Drills and Exercises
  • Pre-run Body Looseners, Post-run Stretches
  • Innovative technique drills
  • How to conserve energy at any speed
Classes will take place in our main showroom at 1027 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC. Classes will begin promptly at 8:00, rain or shine. Please RSVP via our event page here, come join us, and begin a lifelong habit of good running form!!

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